I started my blog last September after debating whether I should or I shouldn’t.

I worried about the time commitment and if I could consistently post something coherent on at least a weekly basis.

I finally took the plunge and incorporated a blog into the Polaris website redesign, keeping my fingers crossed it would prove to be a good move.

After 5 months I’m happy to report it was a great move—turns out I actually love blogging.

If you’re wondering whether you should or you shouldn’t, here are the 10 best kept secrets I discovered after starting my blog:

1. A blog introduces you to some great people

I’ve met some tremendous people in the last five months, including those who’ve stopped by to comment, reached out to guest blog, invited me to guest post on their blog and a handful of others who just wanted to help me get the word out.

2. Writing a blog sharpens your mind

I’ve always believed that muddled writing is a sign of muddled thinking. Yet I’ve been surprised at how much writing a blog has clarified my own thoughts and opinions.

3. Blogging is not as time consuming as you think

Starting a blog is definitely time consuming. But once you’ve nailed the focus, design and editorial calendar, maintaining it takes less time than you initially expect.

4. A blog leads to interesting opportunities in real life

In a few weeks I’ll be part of a panel discussion at Social Media Week here in Toronto. If I hadn’t started a blog, that opportunity would not have been available to me.

5. Blogging releases your inner rebel

This one’s a biggie for anyone who works at an agency. I love my clients but I have to confess it’s a real joy to be the one who gives final approval on my blog posts. It allows me to rebel a little bit against client constraints, but in a nice way.

6. A blog encourages continuous learning

When you’ve got a blog you can’t just sit on your laurels. You have to stay up to date on the blogosphere. So if you’re a person who likes to learn new things, you’ll get a real kick out of this particular aspect of blogging.

7. The steak’s just as important as the sizzle

In my book a good looking blog is as important as a well written blog. Theoretically I understood the importance of pictures, headlines and bullet points when I started my blog. But somehow that theory didn’t translate well into my earlier posts. I’m still working on having a blog that looks as good as it reads.

8. It doesn’t matter if no one comments

I definitely want people to stop by and comment on my blog. But if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world since the process of blogging is satisfying in itself.

9. It’s not difficult to come up with topics to blog about

Blogging once a week is a comfortable pace for me. That level of frequency means it’s easy to find things to write about, although some topics clearly resonate with people more than others.

10. Blogging is fun

If you’re a creative person who enjoys writing, starting and maintaining a blog is fun.


What unexpected things did you learn when you started your blog? If you’re thinking about starting a blog, what’s holding you back?


Written by Shelley Pringle