There’s absolutely no question that staying involved in social media is a big time commitment.


If you’re blogging regularly, tweeting and sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, it’s easy to spend hours online. But it is possible to streamline your efforts.

Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up that help me work efficiently.

Tools of the trade

  1. Use an application like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule tweets, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn updates throughout the day.
  2. Identify blogs and other online content that interest you and add them to your RSS reader. Use your favourite feeds as content for Twitter and other social media platforms.
  3. Create Twitter lists for key customers and competitors then use HootSuite to follow them.
  4. Add the WordPress app to LinkedIn so your blog automatically posts on your profile.

Plan your blog

  1. Set a blogging schedule and stick to it. It’s much easier to meet deadlines if you’re committed to blogging every Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Establish an editorial calendar for the next six weeks. The calendar will help ensure you’re not talking about the same topic every week. It also makes it easier to stay focused on writing your blog, instead of constantly wondering what you should be writing about.

Share the load

  1. Find other people in your organization to share the blogging responsibility. Or invite others to write a guest post.

Set a schedule

  1. Establish a tweeting schedule—say five tweets per day—and post them to HootSuite or Buffer either every morning or at the end of the day.
  2. Check Twitter twice daily, at lunchtime and the end of the day to share other’s content, respond to @replies, Direct Messages and to thank others for their retweets.

Repurpose your tweets

  1. Pick a tweet every day to share on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

I won’t kid you–social media is time consuming. But you can cut it down to about a half hour per day plus another hour every week if you write a weekly blog.


What tips do you have that help you save time engaging on social media?


Written by Shelley Pringle