I’m a big fan of inbound marketing.

Since adopting inbound’s big three–SEO, Content and Social Media–I’ve seen a number of improvements in my business results. Revenue is growing and I’ve got more leads than I can currently handle.

The fact is, inbound marketing makes a lot of sense.

Consumers research online before they buy. Caller ID blocks cold calls. PVRs easily eliminate TV ads. And spam filters prevent mass emails from infiltrating your in-box.

Inbound marketing is the exact opposite of outbound marketing. Instead of interrupting people, inbound marketers create content customers want to watch and read.

Rather than communicating their message with a sledgehammer, inbound marketers attract leads to their business with a magnet.

There are many benefits of inbound marketing, including these 12 I selected from the “Inbound Marketing Rising” infographic:

  1. More than 10 million phones and faxes are registered on Canada’s Do Not Call list
  2. 86% of people skip TV ads
  3. 44% of direct mail is never opened
  4. Inbound marketing leads cost 62% less than outbound marketing leads
  5. 75% of inbound marketing channels, including blogs, social media and SEO, cost less than any outbound marketing channel
  6. 57% of companies acquired a customer through their company blog
  7. Almost six out of ten companies acquired a customer from LinkedIn
  8. 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies acquired a customer from Facebook
  9. 42% of businesses acquired a customer through Twitter
  10. Two-thirds of buyers feel that “consistent and relevant communication” from organizations is a major influence in their buying decision
  11. Nurtured leads have a 23% shorter sales cycle and a 9% higher average deal size
  12. Organizations using automated lead generation processes can increase revenue by at least 10% within 6 to 9 months

Check out this infographic from dbc Digital for more highlights on the benefits of inbound marketing.


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Written by Shelley Pringle