It still surprises me how many businesses don’t have a blog.


The most prevalent rationale I hear for NOT taking the plunge is: We don’t have the resources to start a blog and keep it going.

While I agree the prospect of blogging can seem intimidating, there are many compelling reasons why blogging makes sense.

So if your business doesn’t have a blog, read on for my top 9 reasons to start.

1. Blogs help you generate more web traffic and leads

According to HubSpot studies companies that blog generate 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that do not.

Those numbers are pretty impressive. So if your boss or CEO is hesitant to start a blog, just show them the stats.

In addition to its bottom line benefits, a company blog is useful for many other reasons.

2. Media relations

A company blog has great search engine optimization benefits—and if you’re ranking high in Google you’ll get spotted by more than customers. Media and bloggers are looking for story ideas. Your articles could pop up as a result of a Google search a journalist conducts to find sources. We call this approach “inbound media relations.”

3. Profile company updates and achievements

Is your CEO speaking at an industry event? Did you recently win a business award? Use your blog to share company achievements and get the word out about what you’re up to. Just maintain some humility when talking about yourself.

4. Demonstrate your company’s personality

Did your company recently hold a holiday party or a baseball tournament? Write about it on your blog or create a corporate Flickr account and upload pictures from the event. Consider embedding a slideshow into your blog post—people love to learn about a company’s culture.

5. Communicate product launches

Did you recently launch a new product or update an existing service? Tell your customers, prospects and fans with a blog article.

6. Build your team

Encourage a number of employees to contribute to your company blog. Many will enjoy the creative outlet it provides. Their input will make posting every week less arduous and help ensure your blog maintains an interesting voice.

7. Meet great people

You’ll definitely meet some new people when you start a blog (on the flip side they’ll also get an introduction to your products and services). Folks will stop by to comment, and depending on your industry, they may also reach out to you to guest blog.

8. Sharpen your mind

Muddled writing is often a sign of muddled thinking. You’ll be surprised at how much writing a blog will clarify your thoughts and opinions. This clarity will help you in other aspects of your business, including customer conversations and new business presentations.

9. Find interesting opportunities in real life

A blog can also lead to invitations to speak at industry events or to participate in panel discussions.


Why do you think companies should start a blog?

Written by Shelley Pringle