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Polaris does great work with great clients. We actively seek clients who are looking for hands-on senior involvement in their marketing and PR activities...people who care about objectives, execution, and results. Not marketing bafflegab.

We’re a nimble boutique agency. Big enough to drive incredible results, small enough to give you real attention and an individualized approach.

We draw in incredible people to work on every campaign because we’re an associates-based marketing company, working only with senior practitioners. You benefit because:

  • Seasoned pros quickly contribute without repeated briefings and revisions 
  • Account teams are structured project-by-project, matching your needs with a given individual’s strengths and experience 
  • Whether you’ve got $25,000 or $500,000, we can handle your needs 
  • Turnover is low...we keep our people 
  • Your budget goes further since you’re not supporting a typical agency infrastructure

Polaris Marketing & PR was founded in 1999. We provide PR and marketing support to consumer brands across Canada.