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Business Blogging

Make Your Brand More Visible Online
There's no better way to make your business visible online, showcase your expertise, and earn people's trust than business blogging. Of course, you can’t just throw a bunch of sentences into a blog and expect to take the top spot on Google—or suddenly become the go-to expert for your niche. Blogging is hard work. Your blog must include useful content, be well-optimized, and be promoted effectively. Blogging frequency plays an important role too.

We understand these challenges. We’re active bloggers ourselves. We draw on the lessons learned from our own blog to help our clients become successful as bloggers. 
And since we’re actively blogging, we stay current on changes to business blogging best practices, trends in social media marketing, and updates to search engine algorithms. You get to piggyback on our knowledge and our success. 

Our Business Blogging Services Include: 
Getting started with business blogging
Haven't started yet? We'll help you understand if blogging will benefit your business. And if it will, we'll help you take the first steps.

Custom Workshop: Develop Buyer Personas
If you already have a blog, we’ll help you fine-tune your efforts by
• Encouraging reader engagement
• Attracting more followers to your social platforms
• Incorporating calls-to-action to help you reach your business goals

Editorial Calendars
Finding topics to blog about is a common challenge most marketers face. An editorial calendar eliminates a huge measure of that pain. We work with you to identify the common problems you help your customers solve, then build an editorial calendar that’s optimized for search and social media sharing. We’ll also suggest ways to save time by repackaging existing materials, inviting guests to blog, and tapping into employee expertise.

Writing, Editing & Optimization
Most people aren’t writers. So where to begin with a blog post? We interview your subject matter experts and use the information they share to write your posts. We know the right questions to ask – whether they’re sharing information about dressing for success, tips on how to run an effective meeting, ideas on building a website, or the 10 best small-business advertising ideas.


If you want to establish your brand as an expert in its industry, get in touch for more information about our blogging services. 

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