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Content Marketing

WordPress users publish close to 350 new blog posts – every minute of the day. Tumblr bloggers are even more prolific – 27,778 new posts every minute. In fact, close to 3,000 WordPress and Tumblr posts were published while you read the previous sentence.

When you’re using content to market your brand, how do you stand out? And where do you find the time and resources to create that content? 

Polaris Marketing & PR can help you get started, or take your existing content to the next level.
Custom Workshop: Develop Buyer Personas
Buyer personas  are the starting point. Think of personas as fictional representations of your ideal customers. Our customized workshop helps you and your team build a real, meaningful understanding of your customers.

The result: consistent and accurate messages to add power to every sales and marketing connection you make. LEARN MORE.
Build a Content Marketing Road Map
Prospects ask different questions at each stage of the buying process. At the outset, how-to guides and templates help them understand how to solve problems. 

In the middle, prospects need to understand how YOU can help – here, case studies are the best choice.

Get started with Business Blogging
Blogging is the cornerstone of all content marketing. We'll take you through the steps to build a blog that consistently engages customers and prospects. LEARN MORE
Create eBooks, tip sheets, videos & more
Our writers and designers help you create engaging materials that answer their questions and help move them through the sales funnel.


For help with quality content that builds customer trust, get in touch for more information about our services.

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