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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Polaris B, a blog about public relations, social media and content marketing. We frequently accept guest posts and look forward to reading your point-of-view and sharing it with our community.


We cover a range of topics on Polaris B and accept guest posts related to public relations, social media marketing and content marketing. Review the categories listed on the right-hand side of the blog to get a flavour of what we typically cover.


How to submit a guest blogging idea

  • Before submitting your idea, please read at least five blog posts on Polaris B http://polarisprinc.com/blog/ to make sure your idea is a good fit
  • Send your article idea to Polaris Marketing and Public Relations http://polarisprinc.com/contact-us/  including the proposed title and a short paragraph describing the post

  • Please include a link to your website, blog and social media channels (as appropriate)
  • We will review your submission and advise if it is accepted within three business days

  • If your post is accepted, we will liaise with you to determine a mutually convenient publication date (publication date will depend on Polaris B’s editorial calendar)


Requirements for guest blogging

  • Your post must be an original article for Polaris B and it cannot appear elsewhere
  • Your guest submission cannot be blatantly promotional 

  • The post must be well written, free of spelling and grammatical errors, avoid jargon and show a good command of the English language


Writing your guest post

  • Word count: 600-800 and post titles no more than 70 characters in length

  • Format for easy online reading by people with short attention spans (short sentences and paragraphs, subheads, bullet points)

  • Be engaging, avoid jargon and explain any terminology

  • Feel free to use additional links in your post to substantiate your claims or provide additional background information (but please do not go overboard)

  • Affiliate links are not allowed

  • Include a short bio of two or three lines with links to your Twitter handle, your blog or company (we will give you two links back to your online properties)

  • Spell check your guest post and review it for spelling and grammatical errors

  • Send us your post along with a bio picture and additional images such as graphs and charts in jpg format (we will take care of sourcing a good photo to run at the top of the post)

  • Send your post as an attachment in a Word document 

  • If your post does not meet the above guidelines, we may send it back for revisions or decline it[/list_plus]



  • We may edit your submission and/or change the headline to improve search engine optimization and clarity

  • Submit your post at least three business days prior to the publication date

  • Polaris shares all posts via Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and encourages you to do the same on your social media channels

  • Your article will publish at 6:00 am on the publication date

  • Check the post from time-to-time to respond to comments