Did you know more than one-third of executives believe their company’s CEO doesn’t care, or cares little, for their organization’s social media reputation?

In Tuesday’s post I referenced a survey showing many executives do not consider social media reputation when making decisions. The survey was conducted byZeno Group, a U.S. marketing communications agency who created this interesting infographic to accompany the survey results.

According to the study, business to business companies are the worst culprits when it comes to social media andcorporate reputation management. Forty-three per cent of B2B companies NEVER consider social media reputation in their decision-making, versus 30 per cent of their B2C counterparts.

In addition, only 43 per cent of B2B executives believe their company could respond to a negative post within 24 hours, versus 63 per cent of B2C companies.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the study results? And if you do, why is social media a corporate reputation blind spot for executives?

Social Media A Corporate Reputation Blind Spot for Executives – An infographic by the team at Zuno Group

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Written by Shelley Pringle