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Media Relations & Blogger Outreach

Serving up the goods with strong relationships...and a healthy dose of creativity
Our clients consistently score positive media and blogger coverage. Year after year, project after project.


We build and nurture deep relationships with leading journalists and influential bloggers. We know what they are passionate about and what piques their interest. And, to stay ahead of the pack we keep our eye on the digital horizon to see which blogs are on the rise.

But strong relationships are not enough to continually deliver results. You need a healthy dose of creativity, an ability to frame a story, and relentless determination. It’s all about capturing imagination, so your story can spread far and fast.

Our promise: Media and blogger coverage is more than column inches. At Polaris, meaningful coverage builds brands, changes attitudes, influences behaviour, wins goodwill … and leads to improved business results.

Interested in increasing the velocity of your message? Get in touch for more information on our media relations services.  

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