I don’t know why Lance Armstrong agreed to a media interview with Oprah.

In the post-interview pundit analysis, some speculated he was trying to make amends with the U.S Anti-Doping Association. Apparently Armstrong is desperate to have USADA’s ban lifted that prevents him from competing in triathlons.

It’s really the only explanation that makes sense given the interview reinforced Armstrong’s reputation as a liar and opened the door wide to litigation.

Sure, he confessed to doping.

In the first few minutes Winfrey asked him a series of questions, stipulating that only yes or no answers were permissible.

OW: Did you take banned substances?

LA: Yes.

OW: Was one of those EPO?

LA: Yes.

OW: Did you use testosterone, cortisone and human growth hormone?

LA: Yes.

But Armstrong showed no remorse. There was no apology. There was no indication of how he’ll make amends to the millions of people who believed in him, inspired by his seven Tour de France wins and his comeback from testicular cancer.

Armstrong shed not one tear, although there were hints he’ll be more emotional tonight when Winfrey asks about the scandal’s effect on his children and mother.

By comparison, the impact of Armstrong’s behaviour was best represented on Anderson360 where Betsey Andreu weighed in on Armstrong’s confession.

Andreu, you’ll recall, was one of the first whistle blowers in the Armstrong doping scandal. Back in 2006, Andreu and her cyclist husband Franke testified that Armstrong confessed to doping in an Indiana hospital.

You can watch her initial reaction to Armstrong’s interview HERE.

Armstrong’s most striking quality is his ability to lie with a straight face. At one point Winfrey played his 2005 deposition where he strongly professed his innocence and vehemently denies doping.

Cut to the interview with Winfrey.

Is he telling the truth? You just can’t tell. He continues to deny doping after his 2009 comeback. But why should we believe him when he’s admitted to lying?

Admittedly, Armstrong’s interview is a small (very, very small) step towards redemption. But he’s got a long way to go to patch his reputation.

And after last night’s performance I’m not sure he’ll ever get there.



What did you think of the Armstrong/Winfrey meet-up?

Written by Shelley Pringle