It’s Canada Day on Monday, a holiday when people north of the 49th parallel take a day off work to wave their flag, dress in red and white, listen to outdoor concerts, eat immense quantities of food at backyard barbecues and watch the local fireworks show.

So it’s fitting that instead of writing about marketing today, I do a little bit of flag waving of my own.

If you’re Canadian (and even if you’re not) enjoy this playlist of songs while you’re wishing Canada a happy birthday. The songs are by Canadian artists and many of the lyrics pay tribute to some aspect of our great country. And don’t worry–this play list is Bieber-free.

For more great Canada Day playlists, check out the Ottawa Citizen’s 20 Great Songs for Canada Day.

Enjoy and feel free to add your own suggested songs in the comments.

Happy 146th birthday, Canada!

Stompin’ Tom Connors: Canada Day, Up Canada Way

Stan Rogers: Take the Northwest Passage

Bubbles: Liquor and Whores

The Tragically Hip: Bobcaygeon

Neil Young: Helpless

Gordon Lightfoot: Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Randy Bachman: Prairie Town

South Park: Blame Canada

Stompin’ Tom: The Hockey Song

The Irish Descendants: Barrett’s Privateers

Written by Shelley Pringle