Bear with me. I need to rant a bit and get a few Twitter faux pas off my chest this week.


If you know anyone who’s guilty of these irritating habits, please send them this post.

And if I missed any Twitter gaffes, please share your favourite no-no’s from the Twitter-verse.

1. Automated, self promotional DMs

An automated Direct Message after I follow you won’t automatically trigger an unfollow.

But if your DM asks me to share my biggest marketing challenge on your Facebook page or invites me to a free financial webinar, I will unfollow immediately.

2. Self promotional tweets

Tweeting mostly about yourself is just rude. I’ll cut you some slack if you’re a twitter newbie. But if you don’t figure it out pretty quickly? You’re gone baby, gone.

3. Automatic tweets posted to LinkedIn

Automatically posting tweets to LinkedIn is akin to shouting at me all day long. I’ll put up with it for a while. But eventually I’ll delete you from my LinkedIn stream. If you want to include a tweet on LinkedIn, just add #in or #li.

4. Foursquare updates on Twitter

Why do people add their Foursquare updates to Twitter?

Once in a while it’s OK, but if that’s all you’re doing I’ll unfollow. Who really cares if you’re at JFK with 25 other people?

5. Too many hash tags

These kinds of tweets are hard to read. And if you have too many in your bio, I won’t follow you.

6. Egg profile pictures

If you look like an egg and you’re serious about tweeting (and you’re not a bot), upload a picture RIGHT NOW. If you don’t have a profile picture I won’t automatically unfollow. I never followed you in the first place.

7. Low follower to following ratio

I’m always suspicious if you’re following a gazillion tweeps but don’t have many following you back.

8. Too many quotes

Every now and again tweeting a quote from someone else is inspirational. But over the long run, if you’re not saying more, I’ll ignore you.

9. Tweeting like you’re texting

I confess I used a lot of text-type spelling when I first started tweeting.

Then my friend Eden pulled me aside and told me to stop. Which I immediately did (I do everything Eden says).

I understand why now. It looks cheesey. It’s the sort of tweet a used car salesman might send.


What Twitter habits annoy you?

Written by Shelley Pringle